Commercial and Industrial demolition Canberra

Industrial demolition involves the demolition of industrial areas such as factories, shopping centres, and other large-scale facilities. These are different to residential demolitions as they require detailed planning, government permits and the skills and knowledge to undertake a large scale project.

Baird Demolition has a team with extensive experience in industrial demolitions, with the capability to ensure a smooth operation from start to finish.

Commercial Demolition Canberra

Commercial demolition includes structures such as office buildings, hotels and schools, which are completed in tight areas with buildings on at least one side. Specialised knowledge and skills are required for the safe demolition of commercial buildings, including the ability to identify and safely remove hazardous materials.

With the best technology, state of the art equipment and highly trained staff, Baird Demolition has the ability to undertake commercial projects of every scale including partial demolitions and penetrations.