Make good shop fitout Canberra

If you’ve turned your commercial space into a unique area that reflects the personality and message of your business but are now vacating the premises, Baird Demolition can help. We’ve been providing clients in Canberra and the ACT with makegood shop fitouts and shop fitout refurbishments for 10 years and have successfully completed projects for a wide range of businesses.

We can provide makegood shop fitouts for restaurants, cafes, retail spaces, apartments, warehouses and offices. Our friendly, licensed and fully insured staff will work with you throughout the project to ensure we exceed expectations every time.

What is a makegood shop fitout?

Makegood refers to the condition a tenant must leave the space in when the lease is up. This generally means the tenant must return the premise to the owner in the same condition it was in when the lease started, taking into consideration reasonable wear and tear.

A makegood shop fitout or shop fitout refurbishment renovates a property to look new or restores it to the ‘makegood’ standard using the previously existing layout. This allows tenants to meet their obligations under the lease conditions by returning the property to it’s pre-lease condition.


As part of a makegood shop fitout Baird Demolition provides the following services:

  • Removal of furniture
  • Removal of installed partitions
  • Removal of all redundant fittings
  • Removal of alterations
  • Removal of building walls and ceilings
  • Painting walls the original colour
  • Restoring original mechanical, emergency lighting and fire services to original layout
  • Thorough clean up

Why choose Baird Demolition?

Businesses already have enough to think about during the end of a commercial lease without having to worry about restoring the premises to a makegood standard after significant alterations and refurbishments. Having the advice and services of a professional to provide makegood shop fitouts takes some of the stress out of moving offices, and allows businesses to focus on their new space rather than their old.

Baird Demolition works closely with clients on all stages of the project, from initial planning, design and approvals through to work commencement and hand over. Beyond simple office stripouts, there may be additional work required to restore your property to it’s pre-leased status, which is why it’s important to hire a company with proven success in makegood shop fitouts like Baird Demolition.
We pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects on time and within budget in compliance with a strict WHS policy and OH & S laws and regulations. For all your makegood shop fitout and shop refurbishment needs in Canberra and the ACT, contact Baird Demolition today.